Are you worried about your brand not standing out on-shelf?


 Do you dream of dominating an entire category with your branding?


 Are you communicating with shoppers about a new product?


At Mega Vision Media, we understand the importance of building strong brand loyalty with consumers.

We are here to help you create powerful brand spaces through our range of high traffic and cost-effective media fixtures. Our purpose is to provide brands with the last opportunity to talk to shoppers where they are making their final purchasing decisions.


Installed at Makro stores nationwide. Situated in the food aisles, fixed to the gantry above product.

Opportunities to see:
+-35 872 187 per month.

Aisle Branding

Specific to wholesale environments nationwide, our LightBoxes are backlit boards situated in the aisles, fixed to the gantry above product.

Opportunities to see:
+-11 292 264 per month.


Specific to Makro and Pick ‘n Pay Family size stores, our MegaPaves are situated strategically in the car park and entrance lobbies.

Opportunities to see:
+-5 520 768 per month.


Specific to Pick ‘n Pay stores, our MegaStatics are situated strategically in the car park, the draft lobby and trolley bays in select stores.

Opportunities to see:
+-8 503 248 per month.

Indoor MegaBoard

Specific to the wholesale environment, Indoor MegaBoards are placed strategically in heavy foot traffic spots around the store.

Opportunities to see:
±12 765 168 per month.

Outdoor MegaBoard

Similar to the Indoor MegaBoards, Outdoor MegaBoards are specific to the wholesale environment. The boards are fixed to the outer walls of the stores. They can also be seen from the road and offer great exposure for brands to push brand awareness and general product marketing.

Opportunities to see:
+-12 765 168 per month.


Hanging above the flatbed fridges or anywhere in the store where there is double volume space. MegaFlex Hanging Systems are safely removed from heister activity and offers a bold space to advertise your product.

Opportunities to see:
+-7 097 294 per month.

Till Point Branding

Installed at Wholesale stores nationwide. Situated at till point checkouts, with three available faces for branding.

Opportunities to see:
+-11 292 264 per month


Situated in select Cash ‘n Carry stores, our MegaLites are strategically set up in the car park outside the front door entrance.

Opportunities to see:
+-12 765 168 per month.



Strategically situated in rural areas, our MegaBanner footprint is a powerful extension into the rural market.

Opportunities to see:
+-150 000 per month.

For more branding opportunities in the general trade please look at our Township Branding offering.



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