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Advertising in-store; everything you need to know

Advertising can be a weird thing. On the one hand, you cannot build a brand without it. On the other, it seems to be the first thing to go when times are tough and budgets are constrained. This being said, competition among retail brands has never been as cutthroat as it is today. Brand managers are constantly working on new ideas and concepts to win the attention of consumers to ultimately drive sales and improve on previous year’s targets.

In an economy which can be described as varying degrees of ugly (depending on Eskom’s loadshedding schedules and the cynicism levels of public sentiment at the time) advertising your product or service is daunting and expensive. This is why we have focused on what many believe is the most cost-effective and powerful place to advertise: in-store.

Here are five reasons why in-store advertising is a winning strategy when it comes to spending money wisely for both big and small brands alike.

1. Impulse purchases

How many times have you gone to the shops for bread and milk and left with a whole lot more. It is said that the decision-making timeframe for customers needing to make quick decisions is between three to five seconds. Compared with other media platforms, in-store advertising is proven to be the most effective way to grab the attention of hasty, on-the-go shoppers, basket in one hand, specials catalogue in the other and ready-to-spend money in the pocket. There is no sweeter spot to be talking to your customers than the place where 70% of purchasing decisions are made. It is the last avenue to tie up all other marketing efforts through-the-line.

2. Top of mind

Are you one of those people who always leaves their shopping list at home? Point-of-sale advertising keeps your product top of mind when customers are actively forgetting what they wrote down. There is no better way to tell shoppers that they should have been on your list than reminding them with some bunting, base wraps, on-pack stickers and wobblers.

3. Battle of the brand

Remember that time there was a R200-million soap powder war? Brand competition is rife 365 days a year in every industry and on every media platform. The impact of dominating an entire aisle or category through fixed media spaces (see MegaVision Media’s product range) is a very affordable way to paint the town red, or purple! (See accompanying image.) In-store advertising is where we believe the battle of the brand is either won or lost.

4. Educate your customers

With new product development happening all the time, brand communication on pack and on shelf is the most efficient way to keep consumers up to date with new packaging, flavours, recipes, promotions and price points. Cheerleading your brand with clear branding and communication through fixed POS advertising, dump bins and displays is cost effective and proven to be incredible impactful in keeping educating shoppers and keeping customers loyal.

5. Promote repeat business

Does in-store advertising drive sales and ensure repeat business? This has always been a big question brands have asked when it comes to really understanding the nature of sales and repeat business. Whilst tough to prove, there is strong evidence to support the belief that in-store advertising does actually translate into sales and promote repeat business through remaining consistently top of mind.

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