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Professional spaza branding service supported by dynamic reporting dashboards.

Build a strong brand channel from midi to spaza.

Why MegaVision Media?

At MegaVision Media, we understand the significance of informal trade communities and take pride in empowering spaza shop owners. We have had 88% of spaza owners reporting increased sales after spaza branding projects.

Our solutions serve:

  • Competitive Pricing, Brand Authenticity, Local Impact: It costs as little as R80 per day to tap into this R184 billion-rand market. Our goal is to ensure that your brand resonates with diverse audiences through our partnership with Ask Afrika’s TGI research in townships across SA.
  • Steadfast Durability: Our commitment to quality is unwavering. We offer an optional maintenance package, guaranteeing your spaza shop branding shines for a full 12 months, even in the rugged township conditions.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Spaza branding is a great opportunity to use CSI budgets to help uplift spaza owners and their business while building your brand in the general trade.

Spaza Offering

Sites and branding

With our expansive Traditional Trade network and relationships with Spaza Shop owners, we are able to facilitate the discovery, execution and management of each site.

Distribution of
Seeding Stock & POS

Our primary objective is to ensure your branding needs are met seamlessly and efficiently. We offer the distribution of seeding stock as well as delivery and execution of point of sale material at Spaza Shops.

Data-Driven Insights

We offer a powerful data collection service. Through our ConnectFMCG field service application, you gain access to real-time feedback, surveys and geo-tagged locations of Spaza Shops.

Frequently asked questions

We pride ourselves on delivering a highly professional service, meticulously measuring each site and crafting custom designs tailored to the space. Additionally, our use of the ConnectFMCG platform allows us to provide comprehensive reports featuring before and after photos. Quality and precision define our approach to spaza shop branding.
Yes, simply provide us with one open file artwork. Our in-house design team will take care of resizing it to perfectly fit every spaza shop. Easy as that!
Based on our extensive case studies and our partnership with Ask Afrika’s TGI research, we have observed a remarkable trend where spaza owners develop a strong affiliation with the brand and become enthusiastic advocates for the products. This positive association has resulted in significant boosts in sales, improved product availability, increased consumer demand and a favourable perception of the brand among both consumers and spaza owners.
The choice is yours! We boast an extensive network and can aid in identifying suitable spaza shops for branding. On the other hand, if you already have a list of specific spaza stores in mind, we’re more than happy to collaborate. Our primary objective is to ensure your branding needs are met seamlessly and efficiently.

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Transform Spaza Shops into powerful brand spaces. Our goal is to ensure that your brand resonates with diverse audiences.

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