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Why MegaVision Media?

At MegaVision Media we offer you the last chance to create brand impact at point of sale. Run short term campaigns or establish long-term brand positioning. Our in-store rental media is designed to:

  • Maximise Brand Exposure: Position your brand where it matters most with budget friendly media.
  • Build your Traditional Trade Reach: Access high-traffic retail, midi and wholesale stores nationwide.
  • Drive Engagement: A prime opportunity to talk to your shoppers and convert sales.

Media Offering

Indoor Media

Large format in-store display billboards, strategically positioned in high traffic areas to catch shoppers attention and influence purchase decisions. Perfect for large Retailers, Cash ‘n Carry’s, Midi Wholesalers and Wholesalers.

Outdoor Media

Large format billboard media positioned outside stores and designed to be visible from the parking lot, store entrance and roadside.

Parking Lot Media

Our Parking Lot advertising offers large and medium fixtures, giving your brand premium exposure where the customers’ journey begins, in the car park.

Point of Sale Media

On-shelf and in-aisle branding solutions, gondola ends, till points, free standing units (FSU’s) and ceiling-mounted hanging systems. We offer point-of-sale material (POSM) such as shelf strips, wobblers, category branding and more.

Frequently asked questions

We use ConnectFMCG to report on all our execution of media, spaza branding and activations. This makes reporting for our clients a breeze.
Retail, Wholesale, MidiWholesale, Cash and Carry, Spaza
We provide brands with access to over 20 000 exclusive nationwide billboard and media sites at point of sale in the traditional trade and retail environment. Our media is divided into four categories; indoor advertising, outdoor advertising, parking lot media and instore point of sale media. Our extensive footprint offers clients a wide range of options to effectively reach their target audience in prominent and high-traffic locations.

We are proud to offer the most affordable advertising and media space currently on the market. The cost of our advertising varies depending on factors such as location, duration of flighting and demand. Please reach out to our sales team for a personalised quote tailored to your specific requirements.

Absolutely! Our team of experts crafts a proposal based on your marketing plan and we help you target certain areas through our media, spaza and activation footprint.
We offer artwork resizing services for both our out of home media and spaza branding businesses. Our work includes media, production, design and flighting, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our clients.
Yes, we operate nationally with offices in Johannesburg, Durban and George. We have a wide network of advertising spaces across the country, allowing us to provide comprehensive coverage for national advertising campaigns.

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