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Why MegaVision Media?

As a trusted partner in the FMCG landscape, with presence across 10 African countries, we offer a comprehensive suite of off-the-shelf and custom tools designed to improve retail and field operations.

Technology Offering

Retail & FMCG Operations

ConnectRETAIL is a secure cloud-based platform designed to enhance retail operations.

  • Optimise daily operational tasks and checklists
  • Drive promotional execution and store KPIs
  • Push down instant communication through multiple channels
  • Incentivise all levels of teams on achieving excellence
  • Digitise manual processes according to your needs
  • Enhance business insights through powerful reporting

Field Sales Technology

ConnectFMCG is a field sales, route to market and payments solution that is designed to solve end-to-end KPIs from manufacturer to last mile distribution.

  • Ensure daily store visits are more productive and focused for reps, managers and merchandisers
  • Seamless mobile ordering and stock/inventory management
  • Offline capability and data-light mobile application
  • Simplify complex order and payment processes
  • Merchant-friendly purchasing platform

Incentives And Rewards

ConnectINCENTIVES is a sales tool which is designed to foster a competitive sales environment.

  • 68% increase in sales across total category
  • Boost motivation and team engagement
  • Drive sales and revenue
  • Promote brand loyalty if your one of multiple principles on a shared platform
  • Incentivise category growth by running incentive campaigns.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, we deploy our applications onto all main app stores. We also offer web based applications. It all depends on your work force and their requirements.
We are able to sit with you and help solve for your business problems within our realm of expertise. This either means that our off the shelf platforms will work for your business, or we will look to build a custom solution for you. If things don’t work out in our discovery session, we will gladly refer you to another company.
Yes, we have designed many of the modules to work offline.
We have built all of our tools to consume as little data as possible, especially because we process loads of images taken from the front end applications.

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