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Merchandisers are the final piece in the very long chain of warehousing and distribution. Merchies typically work for agencies who represent FMCG brands and are responsible for managing stock and laying out shelves at store level. With the vast number of merchandisers who are employed by such agencies, their tasks and performance is almost impossible to track. Not ignoring the cost and complexities of hardware and data, the Connect Group* have designed an app for Merchies that is linked to payroll and allows them to digitally capture the data related to clocking into work and stock checks. This removes the tedious requirement to lug around files and paper and improves visibility of their performance. “We are busy trialing the Merchie app with one of our clients and we have been collecting data and feedback from 250 merchandisers over the past few months. We plan on going live with Merchie in Q1 2020,” says Jane Sarah Rosen, partner of the Connect Group.

*The Connect Group is the digital division of MegaVision Media and specialises in implementing a range of locally developed B2B agile technology platforms. From retail communications and FMCG sales force automation to spaza shop ordering applications, the Connect Group leverages off MegaVision Media’s direct relationships with brands, retailers and buying groups to offer simple, real-time business insights into the market. Our objective is for brands to “own” the technology and gain a true understanding of what is happening to their product at store level without incurring massive overheads. We also specialise in powerfully designed reporting dashboards that help companies visualise and understand their data sets better. If you are interested, please contact

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