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ConnectGroup on redefining field sales technology and cashless payments in Africa

Businesses who operate in the formal South African retail trade and have a presence in Africa through distributor partners, are faced with the challenge of decentralised field data and having to fit into their partners’ way of doing business. With different ERP systems, paper-based operational methods and multiple data resources, it is difficult to get a consolidated view of trends, sales, payment types, infiltration issues and out of stocks, to name a few. This, combined with the rapidly evolving technology advancements mean that staying ahead of the competition requires innovative approaches to streamline processes and ultimately enhance the merchant and end customer experience with your brand.

ConnectGroup, the technology division of MegaVision Media, is at the forefront of this transformation with its agile offering that redefines field sales technology in the African market. With a strong presence across ten African countries, ConnectGroup specialises in providing manufacturers and their distributors with cutting-edge field sales technology platforms designed for both formal retail and general trade sectors.

Empowering the perfect store

One of ConnectGroup’s standout features is its ability to incentivise reps, drivers and shop owners to achieve and maintain a “Perfect Store.” By overseeing the entire value chain, from the moment a rep places an order with a merchant to the point of sale with the end consumer, clients gain comprehensive insights into their return on investment at the wholesale level. This holistic view allows for a better understanding of shopping baskets at the last mile, enabling businesses to make more informed decisions and optimise their strategies.

A comprehensive solution

ConnectGroup’s comprehensive field sales solution encompasses various modules that cover every aspect of the field sales process:

  • Creating new customers: Facilitates the seamless onboarding of new customers, streamlining the process for quicker access to products and services.
  • Check-in to customers: Utilises geo-coordinates and timestamps to provide real-time location tracking and customer engagement insights.
  • In-store scorecards and tasks: Allows representatives to complete in-store tasks and scorecards, ensuring consistent service and brand adherence.
  • Order management: Enables representatives to place orders and generate invoices directly through the app, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.
  • Seamless payment and risk elimination: Offers multiple payment options, including cash, wallet payments, banking apps and cards, enhancing convenience for both customers and reps.
  • In-app communication: Facilitates direct communication between channel representatives and drivers, ensuring efficient problem-solving and resource allocation.
  • Incentivisation and rewards: Encourages reps and merchants to excel by offering points for task completion and incentivising them with rewards such as cashback, vouchers, cash or airtime.

A complete end-to-end field sales and fintech solution

ConnectGroup’s solution brings together every aspect of the field sales process, creating a seamless and unified experience for both merchants and reps. For merchants and shop owners, the Wallet can be topped up at various locations, and they can use it to pay for stock, sell value-added services, and receive rewards. For wholesalers and sales reps, the solution offers flexibility in accepting payments via cashless wallets or QR-enabled banking apps.

ConnectGroup’s offering is a game-changer in the field of field sales technology across South Africa and Africa. With its holistic approach, innovative modules, secure payment solutions and complete end-to-end support, businesses are empowered to optimise their operations, enhance customer experiences, and achieve the elusive “Perfect Store.” As the African business landscape continues to evolve, ConnectGroup is setting a new standard for excellence in sales force and fintech technologies, driving growth and success for manufacturers, agencies, and distributors.

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