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The 5 keys to stokvel advertising success

We know that stokvels play a significant role in the financial lives of many South Africans, especially in low-income communities, as they provide a means of support and a way to manage expenses collectively. Stokvels are a considerable force of customer purchasing power for many people in various life stages in the calendar year. Burials and Christmas are the obvious annual events, but general grocery stokvels are becoming more formalised with groups sized between 12 and 20 people pooling resources for monthly grocery buying. MegaVision Media has compiled a list of this season’s must-haves for brands wanting to make an impact and boost sales.

  1. In-store activations
  2. Sampling initiatives
  3. Branded materials and POS
  4. OOH media
  5. Attend Stokvelex 2023

Whether your brand is a seasoned stokvel participant or new to it, let’s look at some of the major benefits of participating in stokvels.

The power brand building

Participating in advertising and activations at stokvels opens doors to a multitude of benefits for brands looking to strengthen their presence in the market.

Direct and targeted reach

stokvels are tightly-knit communities with shared interests, values, and purchasing habits. Engaging with them directly through advertising and activations allows brands to connect on a personal level, building trust and loyalty.

Amplified word-of-mouth

stokvels are built on trust and recommendations among their members. When a brand leaves a positive impression, it has the potential to spread like wildfire through word-of-mouth, creating organic and genuine brand advocates.

Heightened brand visibility

stokvels often hold events and gatherings, where brands can showcase their products and services. This presents an invaluable chance to increase brand visibility, ensuring it remains top-of-mind when members make purchasing decisions.

Culturally relevant marketing

By engaging with stokvels, brands demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of South African culture. This cultural relevance in marketing fosters a deeper connection with consumers and can lead to long-lasting brand loyalty.

Market expansion

For brands looking to expand into new market segments, stokvels offer a dynamic platform to tap into niche markets and reach a broader audience.

Don’t miss the chance to supercharge your brand’s growth through stokvel advertising and activations. Collaborate with MegaVision Media and let us help you unlock the full potential of this exceptional opportunity. Reach out to us at or call 011 803 8433 to take your brand to new heights in the heart of South African culture.

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