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Unilever rolls out epic MegaSpaza campaign

MegaVision Media’s MegaSpaza offering has been an incredibly successful venture for the company. The core product value lies in creating a mutually empowering and respectful relationship between the brand and the spaza shop owner.

MegaVision Media partnered with Unilever in distributing point-of-sale (POS) kits to 4,000 spaza shops nationwide and converted 30 spazas into bright yellow Sunlight brand spaces using the MegaSpaza offering, earlier this year.

MegaVision Media also piloted their ConnectSpaza application which allowed for 24/7 feedback to the trade and marketing teams at Unilever for the duration of the project. “ConnectSPAZA is a real-time reporting platform that centralises all MegaSpaza activity into one place. Using a range of filters, the reporting platform shows successful spaza executions, store details and key data points like location, photographs and SKU information,” says Jane Sarah Rosen, head of ConnectGroup and software partner of MegaVision Media. “ConnectSPAZA was a game-changer for both MegaVision and the client; with all the data published to a single web report, it saved huge amounts of time and allowed MegaVision Media to make much faster decisions when they ran into problems. The speed, efficiency and overall result could never have been the same if they had managed their communication via WhatsApp, email or PowerPoint presentations.”

When it came down to the actual spaza branding, MegaVision Media’s teams made sure to optimise the quality of their paint, point-of-sale material, vinyl decals and signage. The environment in the townships can be harsh and the importance of focusing on execution is as critical as ensuring all materials will be able to withstand the environment.

Alvina Bhika, MegaVision Media’s account manager who completed the project on behalf of Unilever, shared that the most rewarding outcome of this 4,000 spaza branding and distribution rollout, was talking to spaza shop owners about what a brands support means to them. “When a brand supports a spaza, a spaza supports the brand.”

If you are interested in finding out more about the MegaSpaza offering from MegaVision Media, please feel free to contact Lizelle via email:

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