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No headaches for Panado’s OOH advertising

Panado, a subsidiary of Adcock Ingram, is a household name in South Africa. The Panado brand is synonymous with pain and fever relief for both adults and children. Part of Adcock’s marketing strategy was to book out-of-home (OOH) media spaces at various wholesale stores in order to maximise the effect of their wider advertising campaign. OOH is a form of advertising that is found outside of a consumer’s home such as in-store advertising, street pole advertising and highway billboards. OOH advertising can be used as a support medium, lead medium or in isolation depending on the brand’s objectives.

MegaVision Media Outdoor Board and KitKat.

In an interview with Martin Rosen, MD of MegaVision Media, in-store advertising is the last opportunity for brands to carry through their above-the-line advertising efforts where shoppers are making their purchasing decisions. “Impulse purchases at point of sale accounts for up to 70% of a shopper’s basket. In-store promotions, gondola end displays, and in-aisle advertising efforts play a massive role in increased sales, and brands cannot afford not to participate at store-level brand communication.

Panado contacted MegaVision Media to install Makro Branding Boards and Indoor and Outdoor MegaBoards at select wholesale stores to direct consumer traffic to the kiosk where several products from tablets, syrups and infant drops are stocked.

Aisle Branding Board at KitKat.

MegaVision Media’s ever-popular Branding Boards are a great example of OOH media platforms. Located at 20 Makro stores nationwide, these fixtures are situated in the aisle above product and fixed securely to the gantry. Prints are made using long-lasting vinyl applied onto sturdy ABS boards and secured into the clip frames. The opportunities to see accounts for approximately 35,872,187 per month.

This is one of MegaVision Media’s most popular media offerings. Clients usually book these fixtures for a 12-month contract to ensure brand visibility throughout the year. One exciting feature of this offering is that should a brand want to run a short-term promotion they can do so using more cost-effective high-quality paper prints flighted over their regular prints. This saves brands the cost of booking a new media space and these promotional prints can last up to three months.

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