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ConnectGroup on redefining field sales technology and cashless payments in Africa

Businesses who operate in the formal South African retail trade and have a presence in Africa through distributor partners, are faced with the challenge of decentralised field data and having to fit into their partners’ way of doing business. With different ERP systems, paper-based operational methods and multiple data resources, it is difficult to get […]

The 5 keys to stokvel advertising success

We know that stokvels play a significant role in the financial lives of many South Africans, especially in low-income communities, as they provide a means of support and a way to manage expenses collectively. Stokvels are a considerable force of customer purchasing power for many people in various life stages in the calendar year. Burials […]

Media buying made simple

MegaVision Media, stalwart of the South African retail and wholesale in-store media industry, has launched a new online media booking platform. For agencies looking to close the gap on a through-the-line campaign, they can now browse indoor and outdoor media offerings for retail giants such as Makro, Pick ‘n Pay, Kit Kat, Cambridge, Advance, Overland, Devland, […]

Untapped market: How spaza branding can increase sales and consumer demand

South African townships have become a powerful and untapped market for brands looking to expand their reach and connect with diverse consumer segments. These vibrant communities offer unique characteristics and consumer behaviours that present numerous opportunities for businesses to thrive. Let’s explore why branding spaza shops in South Africa is an exceptional opportunity for brands: […]

How to give shoppers that last push to purchase

“A brand that gets remembered gets bought”. A succinct and perfect summary declared by brand consulting agency, Kantar and strap line that marketers should live by. Advertising is an ever-present element of our day to day lives, bombarding us with messages and images from all angles. A fair question to ask is do people really […]